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Data driven decision making

The web, and everything within it, is a fast paced entity. It’s constantly changing and adapting, and so are its users. Building for the web is more akin to product design than traditional graphic design. So while we like our website to sparkle (who doesn’t?), we need to make sure it actually works for the people using it...

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Semantic web design #SWD

Waiting in the wings since the dawn of the web, semantics in code will be our saving grace when the concept of the ‘screen’ becomes stretched (or compressed) further still and the next wave of web enabled devices hit…

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What makes a good project (we are the experts*)

To introduce, we were required to design and build a generic template for a large UK university that they could use for all their sub sites using their CMS software, which all serve a range of purposes and may be adapted. It also has to be responsive.

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