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Exploring Leicester – Part 5: Leicester Forest East

After last weeks venture over to the other side of town to explore Stoneygate, we decided to keep things a bit closer to home with a trek around Leicester Forest East, which our house sits on the borders of. There's not a lot to the area really, with clusters of houses built up around the main road out of Leicester merging into one swell, but we could see on the map there was some green space tucked away at the back.

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Exploring Leicester – Part 4: Stoneygate

Now we're on part 4, I found we had to go on a little drive to get to our next exploration, which was the beautiful and historic suburb of Stoneygate. We've wandered around and through there before, but there are so many streets I've peered down but not had an excuse to go down, until now.

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Exploring Leicester – Part 3: Kirby Muxloe

Being just around the corner from us, and steeped in history and period charm (it even has a castle!) Kirby Muxloe is charming and quaint. We've been to the pubs and restaurants a few times, but there are so many little streets and nooks that I wanted to hit that next on mine and Rufus' adventures.

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Exploring Leicester – Part 2: Aylestone

The same weekend as part 1, we went over to Aylestone to have a nosey around the meadows and old part of the suburb. I used to live in Aylestone and have friends that still live there, so I drive past the meadows and old town roads regularly, and have always wanted to have a poke around. We donned our adventure wellies and set out on another trek.

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Exploring Leicester – Part 1: Braunstone Town

Its no secret I'm a big fan of Leicester, and recently Rufus and I have been going on little walking adventures on Saturday mornings around Braunstone Town, which is the district of Leicester we live in. I love wandering down streets I've often driven past to see what's down there, and we sometimes uncover lovely bits of architecture, a hidden park or even just a pretty street.

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