Stoneywell Cottage, Ulverscroft

Acquired by The National Trust in 2012, Stoneywell Cottage in Ulverscroft has been restored to a 1950s window into the past of this holiday home and homage to the arts and crafts movement.

I took the family today to go have a wander around this spectacular and cosy cottage. With cathedral ceilings, rooms all on different levels and burrowed into the warm side of a Leicestershire hill, I found this place beautiful and inspiring.

Toured around by the ever enthusiastic tour guide Mog, we learned about the building history and got to prod and poke (most) items in the house, which made history seem so much more accessible than concealed behind glass.

We'd really recommend this place, and are already looking at a second trip in the summer, as the grounds look great for a picnic and a longer stay.

Posted on 15th Feb, 2015