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Following the announcement about the mag, Jane Renton at the Leicester Mercury asked if I would spare some time to chat about some of the work we did and some of the highlights, which of course I was happy to. It was a really nicely written article and was great to see local media support each other, rather than being competitive. Below is the article.

Online messages of support have been pouring in since the decision was announced that The Monograph print edition would be no more. It only started in August 2011, but in that time the free magazine has featured the likes of Bombay Bicycle Club, Newton Faulkner and Professor Green, as well as promoting homegrown talent including Jersey Budd, Charlee Drew and Grace Petrie.

While the website will remain, the print edition was no longer viable as print costs were higher than the revenue generated by advertising.

Editor-in-chief Jon Dodd and business partner Tash Walkerdine have been making up the shortfall themselves since day one, out of love for and belief in the magazine, but can no longer afford to carry on.

Jon said that while it was a difficult decision, he is anything but morose. He is proud of everything The Monograph achieved and said working on the magazine, which came out four times a year, had "been a blast".

"I don't think we would do anything differently really," he said. "We learn through our mistakes, so not making them would mean we wouldn't be better at what we do.

"There is something special about seeing your work in print, about seeing it in town and people holding it.

"The magazine was the thing we were most proud of and we spent most time on. We started as a website and that was all we had for over a year before the print. When we went to print with our first issue, it just exploded."

Jon said he had many highlights.

"I think for me, one that really sticks out was Summer Sundae last year," he said.

"When you produce a new issue and you start to distribute it, there is always a small part of you that thinks 'Is anybody reading this?' Then at the festival we put some about and everywhere you turned people were reading it – such a buzz.

"When the first issue came out, that was pretty special, too. Interviewing Danny Wallace and hearing how Young Knives thought it was a cool paper – there are too many to list."

Jon said he had been moved by the messages of support from the Twitterverse – and that he was now looking to the future.

"We are really proud of what we created," he says.

"We lasted a year-and-a-half in print and for a regional free music newspaper, that is amazing.

"We are really looking forward to the new projects 2013 will bring to us. I am sure the people of Leicester will hear from us again."

Source: http://www.thisisleicestershire.co.uk/s-blast-music-mag/story-18365730-detail/story.html

Posted on 11th Mar, 2013