Issue#06 editors note

It’s nearly the end of 2012 and it’s hard to believe that another year is done and dusted. With the whirlwind of festivals, new releases and amazing gigs going on in the city, we have been kept busy for sure, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t kept our ears to the ground and got involved in the discussion and the hot topics in the city.

One surprise was that we would become the subject of such discussions, with rumours being rife that The Monograph earn loads of cash or even that we are run by the government! I have therefore decided to use this issue’s editor’s note to dispel some myths and reiterate why we do what we do. Not one to start another exciting and packed issue of your favourite newspaper on a sombre note, this won’t be all doom and gloom, but it will be facts.

Firstly to the people who think that The Monograph Group makes money, and lots of it. We don’t. The Monograph doesn’t now and never has made a profit. We may come across in a way that we do, having a ‘group’ for one, but this is simply a means to collate all of our platforms into one manageable brand, it is not here to be corporate or make money. Yes we do charge for advertising services in the paper, but we are transparent in the fact that we keep our rates low enough that they just cover print cost, and in fact keep them so low that sometimes they don’t even do that and each issue some of us pay out of our own pockets for the remaining print money. That is how much we love the paper and the city. Though of course our aim is to cover costs and maybe one day turn it into something self sufficient.

Secondly, we hear a lot of talk about us focusing on certain venues, bands or cliques too much, and even hear that we are an insert-venue-name-here paper. To those people I say we don’t, well not intentionally anyway. We are only human and cannot cover absolutely everything in the city, so instead try to provide a fair a cross section as possible. If you feel your band, venue, anything is being neglected, drop us an email, write an article for us, or even tweet us.

To finish with an announcement, features editor John Helps has decided to take a step back from editorial duties while he focuses on his band and other projects, and I know the team will join me in wishing him all the best. He will still continue to provide his unique insight in his regular column.

So once again and for the 6th time (wow) I urge you to read on and lap up everything Leicester and beyond has to offer in this, our winter issue.

Posted on 1st Nov, 2012