Issue#05 editors note

As I write this, I’m sat on the floor of my office with my cat Gavin asleep next to me. Why am I sat on the floor? Because I’m bored of my desk. Why am I bored of my desk? Because I’ve been sat at it far too many evenings and weekends recently, working on this latest and greatest issue. Why is this important? Well, it’s not, but it does lead me nicely into my editor’s note. Cue thoughts.

Why do we do anything extra curricular? Because we love it and it makes us good at the skills we cherish. Sat on my floor as Gavin sleeps and twitches, I’m questioning this because it’s the first birthday of our print issue, which is such an achievement and one that me and the team are proud of.

But because we are human, a birthday makes for reflection time and I ask the question “Have we done anything of any real worth?” The answer is obviously a resounding yes, and even though I am currently close to a (self-set) deadline and tired, I can still be enamoured by this baby of ours, this thing thathas become the only (nearly) viable contender to my wife for my time. I’m telling you all of this because I know others who have had pet projects fall by the wayside, ideas nearly come to fruition and stumble at the last hurdle, or drunken conversations that should have been pulled into the next morning. It’s always a shame when something doesn’t reach its full potential and I have borne witness to this countless times, both with people pitching ideas to me and never following through, and merely as a spectator.

Because this magazine, and indeed this movement known as The Monograph, is something concrete in Leicester, I want to use it as a case study to show what is doable. We are still not perfect, far from it and we have along way to go, but I know from the positive messages we receive daily that we are doing something right. Do as we do, because believe me it’s worth it. When you get an idea, action it. When you’ve actioned it, make it better, make an app for it,take it on the road or just push it to its limit.

Last issue I was on leave from the paper while I married my beautiful wife Erica, and while I was away John Helps tookover editorial duties and did a smashing job. All the other guys also did another great job writing/designing/photographing, and it was amazing to get back and see the thing that was once me and only me, fully functioning without my input. They did such good work and continue to do for this issue, which reassures me that if I ever left the paper, it would continue.

So, the final thought? Make it awesome, help it grow and watch it blossom into something that stands tall, all on its own.

Posted on 18th Sep, 2012