I am not my job

Inspired from a tweet by the human swear box that is Scott Riley, I wanted to share some photos from the lovely weekend we've just had. The part Scott's thought plays in this is that this weekend really emphasised something I already know to be true, that as much as I love my job, design, UX, and the web, its not what I want to define me. Not really. When I'm long gone a hundred years from now, I want to be remembered (if I am remembered at all) as the family man. My proudest work is Rufus, and the babies that follow will be the same too.

They say being in your element is where you passion and natural ability intersect. I used to think this was UX and design (and it is to be fair) but where I'm really in my element, is with my family, playing with Rufus, making Erica laugh, giving the cats treaties.

Sorry, bit deep for a Monday, ignore the above and look at some cute pictures from the weekend if you want...

Photos by my talented wife Erica.

Posted on 23rd Mar, 2015