Goodbye old friend...

The following is a statement from regarding The Monograph and its quarterly printed publication. It was very hard to write but also put into perspective what we did with that paper.

Dear all,

It is with sadness that we want to announce to you that Issue#07 of The Monograph won’t be going to print, and that The Monograph in its current form as a printed newspaper will cease to be.

This is 100% due to the financial reasons. The cost of our newspaper to print is too high to meet the revenue generated by advertising. As is the same with every organisation currently, we have felt the pressure and this has been in the form of not securing enough advertising.

It is little known that every issue, since Issue#01, has not sold enough advertising and we have put up the shortfall ourselves to get the print to the threshold. This never made financial or business sense, but we did it so we wouldn’t let our team, you the readers and the advertisers and supporters down.

Unfortunately, this issue we failed to sell enough space to even come close to hitting the print target. Not because our product wasn’t good enough but simply because potential advertisers themselves are feeling the economic strain and have less budget for advertising. We simply cannot put up the money this time as it is too great and we don’t have it. This is something we feel incredibly sad about.

We are so proud of what we created and the length of time we kept it going. We went from nothing to becoming the biggest music publication in the city.

This is completely down to the hard work of our team and support from advertisers, both who showed faith in us. We feel so touched that a project we started they joined us for. We really do hope they can all take ownership of its success. We want to thank all of them for their hard work, especially with this last issue. We are so sorry it won’t make it to print.

For the immediate future, the website will still be maintained and updated as normal, plus our other web endevours such as Monograph.TV and Monograph Images will be used by the photographers that upload and DemonFM who make some sessions which go on the site. All of the Issue#07 articles will still go on the website though so no work will be wasted.

As for us (Jon and Tash), being designers we want to now focus our energies on more design-oriented projects, but hopefully within something that still benefits the city.

We are really proud of what we created and feel honoured that you all read it. We lasted a year and a half in print and for a regional free music newspaper that is amazing. Our biggest buzz was when we saw people pick it up and read it. I think we will be sad to see that part go the most. We have met some great people along the way and formed some solid friendships, we have had a blast meeting everyone and wouldn’t change any little bit of our journey.

Thank you again so much for all your support and the dedication you have shown to The Monograph. These last few years have meant the world to us.

Posted on 7th Mar, 2013