Exploring Leicester – Part 2: Aylestone

The same weekend as part 1, we went over to Aylestone to have a nosey around the meadows and old part of the suburb. I used to live in Aylestone and have friends that still live there, so I drive past the meadows and old town roads regularly, and have always wanted to have a poke around. We donned our adventure wellies and set out on another trek.

Safe to say there is so much more to explore in the meadows that one walk around wasn't enough. There's a beautiful canal to walk alongside, fields, off path parts, hidden clearings, horses, and plenty of 'hello!''s on the way around. Snaking our way through the greenery, we cut back through the quaint streets of old Aylestone, which was equally picturesque.

Posted on 22nd Sep, 2015